Good Blog Tips

Welcome to Good Blog Tips; Free tips to get you successfully blogging!

Tip #1 Find your niche

This is the most important step to take before anything else. If you do not understand your niche then you will have a difficult time attracting people to your website. Go online and search different trends. Find one you like while also keeping aware of when that trend may drop.

Tip #2 Put in the time

Understanding your audience takes time. As does the research into that perfect headline. Best way is to get feedback directly or indirectly from your audience. Can have your supporters sign up for an account to get an email address to send surveys on material. Overall put your supporters first!

Tip #3 Get online!

There is no way to start a blog without getting online first. Many different hosting sites to use. My preference is Hostinger. Find the one you feel most comfortable using. Some have tools to quickly and easily build a site in an hour for free. Cloud server is not necessary unless you are expecting massive online traffic to your website. Can start with shared servers and move on to cloud if needed.

Tip #4 Keep Active

Have you had times where you see a website that has not been updated since 2012? Most of the time that information is not relevant anymore. Keep the information updated at least once a year to ensure your audience that what they are reading is indeed valuable content.